Abuse Recovery:  sexual, physical, verbal, trauma
Adolescents:  rebellion, identity issues, power struggles
Addictions: alcohol, drugs, others
Adoption: issues associated with adoption
Anxiety:  panic attacks, generalized anxiety, specific phobias, social     phobias, agoraphobia
Battered Woman’s Syndrome:  recovery from emotional, verbal,     physical, or sexual familial abuse
Blended Family Issues: and post-divorce recovery
Career Direction:  career transition issues
Chronic Pain Management: pre- and post-surgery support,     managing helplessness associated with chronic pain
Co-Dependency: boundary issues in relationships
Communication:  improving communication strategies in     relationships
Couples & Marriage: building respectful relationships,     communication skill training, intimacy issues, need satisfaction
Critical Incident Stress Management: disaster response
Dating: developing healthy dating patterns, clarifying what you want     in a partner
Depression and Mood Disorders
Eating Disorders:  Anorexia, Binge Eating, Bulimia, Obesity
Family Counseling:  resolving family conflicts, building family     cooperation and respect, clarifying family rules
Family Support:  with ill family members
My deep experience in psychological counseling allows me to assist you in these areas.
Grief and Loss Support
Health and Illness: concerns related to health stressors, or to     death and dying
Impulse Control Problems: compulsive gambling, shopping,     eating, etc.
Internet Problems: compulsive use, isolation and withdrawal from     significant others
Life Transitions: job loss, empty nest, divorce recovery
Marital Affairs: rebuilding and healing from extramarital affairs
Maximizing Growth Potential
Obsessive-Compulsive:  OCD
Parenting Issues: discipline strategies negotiating power struggles,     moving from “manager” to “consultant,” parenting from fear, guilt,     or shame, co-parenting
Performance Enhancement: becoming the best that you can be
Post-traumatic Stress:  PTSD and Acute Stress reactions
Relationships:  communication enhancement and skill development
School Issues:  conduct issues, attendance avoidance, etc.
Self-Growth:  clarifying values and direction
Sexual Orientation:  gay or lesbian issues/relationships
Sleep Problems:  hypersomnia, insomnia
Violence Recovery:  recovery when a victim of violence
Workplace Conflicts:  supervisory referrals, anger management,     peer conflicts